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Product Name: Personal
Tourniquet Buzzy
Striped Buzzy: £46.95
Buzzy's contoured design tucks under a standard tourniquet or fits easily in the hand to
deliver powerful pain blocking right where you need it.
This new compact Buzzy optimally delivers vibration even for smaller hands or
locations. Buzzy leaves fingers free to help with needle procedures. Each Buzzy
comes with two self-attaching reusable single patient soft wings, a silicone strap, instructions and batteries.
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Striped Buzzy: £52.95
With Bee-Stractors
LadyBuzz: £46.95
LadyBuzz: £52.95
With Bee-Stractors
Buzzy® relieves the pain from minor sharp aches and pains, including needles,
splinters, and stings. Each Personal Tourniquet Buzzy kit comes with instructions, two
soft sided wings, a Velcro strap and batteries. This Buzzy's durable medical plastic
pad printed surface will stand up to hospital grade cleansers. All Buzzy products are
Latex free.
Product Name:
Personal Buzzy
Striped: £39.95
Plain: £39.95
Striped with Bee-Stractors: £45.95
Plain with Bee-Stractors: £45.95
Ladybuzz: £39.95
Ladybuzz with Bee-Stractors: £45.95
My Buzzy Feature Stickers
My Buzzy: £1.99
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