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Review of Buzzy by Jenny Potter mother of Harry who has type 1 diabetes.
I ordered a Buzzy from to see how this would help my 3 year old son who has
type 1 diabetes, and has to have 4 insulin injections a day (in his bum).

I have tried the Buzzy for 2 weeks now and I have to say it is a product definitely worth investing in. It
is easy to use you just put the wings into the freezer to freeze there are 2 types blue gel wings and
disposable wings ( which you just add 2 to 3 tsp of water and then freeze)

For any parent with a small child who has to have 4 injections a day life can be stressful and the
worry with hurting them with doing the injection and the stress also for the child make it an
unpleasant time. In my review of Buzzy this product certainly helps with making injection time fun and
helped along by Buzzy who is a lovely playful bee who helps take the sting out of the injection.

The product is so reasonably priced £23.99 for the kit and for the deluxe product kit £35.99p. For
replacement wings price is £2.50p.

The Buzzy itself is easy to hold in your palm of your hand especially if you are doing injections with
no help which I am doing the majority of the day whilst my husband works.

For the first days I just got Harry used to the idea of Buzzy as I didn't want to suddenly change what I
was doing so I go Harry to play with Buzzy, the Buzzy bee vibrates so that the sharp sensation of the
needle is reduced. Harry got used to Buzzy and I got Harry to put Buzzy on me and hold the cold
wings so he was less worried.

Then after a few days we started using it. First attempt he was a bit nervous about the cold wings but
now 2 weeks down the line and he loves the Buzzy. We use it mainly for his 4 insulin injections a day
which are in his bum and I just get Buzzy ready a few seconds before doing the injection. You just
hold Buzzy on the part you are going to inject the insulin around 30 seconds before and then you
move the Buzzy up around an inch when you do the injection and it is done.

There is a great distraction card with the Buzzy as well which has sunflowers on wearing different
things so you can ask your child which sunflower has the moustache, which one is red or is smiling
so they are distracted and thinking of something else than the injection.

I would definitely recommend this to any parent or child to use who are having regular daily injections.

It says on product "Buzzy taking the sting out of shots" and it certainly does this.

Both myself and Harry are happy using this product.

Jenny and Harry Potter
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